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Automate or Do Nothing?

Why should you automate your software testing?

It's been a decade since your organization's ERP was updated, your ERP sits at the core of a complex technology stack which includes numerous cloud based applications as well as legacy applications with limited or no code access.  Launch delays are inevitable and costly and the pressure on your IT team is building. Sound familiar?

In this course, we'll explore how changes in digital transformation and a manual software testing approach may no longer be enough.  You'll hear how Dan Krantz, CIO of Keysight Technologies, a $4.2B company with over 13K employees worldwide, shifted course to adopt an automated testing approach for upgrading their legacy Oracle ERP system. Dan will also share how the adoption of test automation has unleashed new potential for an accelerated modernization plan and comprehensive intelligence across the technology ecosystem.

We'll cover:

  • Automate or Do Nothing
  • CIO Interview:  How Test Automation Software Is Accelerating Keysight's Enterprise Digital Transformation

Duration: 35 min