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Lesson 1 - Preview: Automotive Cybersecurity Bootcamp



In this Bootcamp, you will:

  • Discover the threats are automakers are up against — and what can they do to stop them.
  • Learn about the kinds of vulnerabilities lurk within — and beyond — the vehicle.
  • See how automotive cybersecurity testing works, and how automakers can incorporate it into their engineering workflows.
  • Find out how automotive cybersecurity and functional safety differ from a testing standpoint.
  • Understand the impact of recent regulations and standards — such as ISO / SAE 21434, UNECE WP.29, and UN R155.

Who should take the Bootcamp?

  • This Bootcamp is designed for cybersecurity engineers, managers, and network security teams at automakers, vehicular component manufacturers, and testing labs. However, if you have any interest in cars, cybersecurity, or information technology, you’ll find lots to like here.

Duration: 90 min