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Lesson 1 - History of Automotive Ethernet


In this course, we'll join industry experts Martin Gubow and Curtis Donahue as they discuss the automotive Ethernet standard: its origin and what the future holds for automotive communications technology.

Autonomous vehicles promise to change the nature of commercial and passenger transportation on the roadways. Within new vehicles, data speed and bandwidth requirements are increasing. With the development of automotive Ethernet, faster data communications are now possible and the increasing demands for today’s vehicles and future connected vehicles can be met.

In this course you will hear from industry experts about how the Open Alliance and IEEE automotive Ethernet standard is transforming communication in today's autonomous vehicles. Learn how the standard was formed and what the future likely holds for automotive communications standards.

Who should take Automotive Ethernet?

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in 802.3 or the automotive Ethernet standard.

Whether you are a hardware designer or just interested in the future of automotive technology, this course is for you. You'll walk away with greater insight into not only where the automotive Ethernet standard is today, but also what the future likely holds for the standard and the technology that it enables.

We'll cover:

  • History of Automotive Ethernet
  • Why We Need an Automotive Variant of Ethernet
  • Where is Automotive Ethernet Today?
  • Early Adopters of Automotive Ethernet
  • Conformance Testing
  • The Future of Automotive Ethernet
  • 802.3ch Test Challenges
  • Will Automotive Ethernet Obsolete Other Networks?
  • Keysight & UNH-IOL Solutions
  • Automotive Ethernet Solution Demo

Duration: 1 hour