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Lesson 1 - Introduction - 5G Channel Sounding

In this course, we'll discuss 5G throughput evaluation with channel sounding, using Keysight SystemVue software and measurement instruments.

Radio wave propagation is the physical layer foundation of 5G wireless networks. The radio channel determines the signal quality, the data throughtput and ultimately the network coverage. The multipath and time-variant radio propagation can be characterized by channel sounding measurements. This course will teach channel sounding techniques, with specific focus on 5G MIMO (multi-input multi-output) channel.

Who should take 5G NR Channel Sounding?

This course is designed for engineers in wireless communications industry, and students studying radio engineering. The radio waves that carry the voice video and data, must overcome environmental impairments such as attenuations and reflections due to buildings, trees, hills etc, before reaching the user. The wireless channel between the basestations and mobile device users must be understood and characterized in order to design 5G networks. Channel sounding is the way to characterize the multipath time variant channel.

We'll cover:

  • Channel sounding fundamentals
  • 5G Channel sounding challenges and solutions
  • 5G Channel sounding system verification
  • Channel sounding measurement examples

Duration: 1 hour