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Lesson 1 - Breach and Attack Simulation Basics


In this course, we'll teach you how to improve your network defenses by (safely) hacking yourself.

Over the next 30 minutes, we’re going to walk you through the ins and outs of Breach and Attack Simulation — a relatively new class of security tool that enables you to continuously measure, validate, and improve your network security posture by safely simulating attacks on your live network.

Who should take Breach and Attack Simulation 101?

This course is designed for infosec pros, security operations (SecOps) teams, and anyone who’s concerned with protecting their network against a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Security is never static. New threats are constantly emerging, and attackers only have to be successful once to jeopardize your network, applications, and data. Your network security tools are your first line of defense, but between updates, patches, and new releases, the risk of misconfigurations runs high. If you want to get proactive about your security, you need to hack yourself. By safely simulating attacks on your own production network, you can pinpoint vulnerabilities and remediate gaps before attackers can exploit them.

We'll cover:

  • What Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tools do
  • How BAS tools work and how to get started
  • How to safely simulate attacks on your own network
  • How to analyze assessment results and remediate network vulnerabilities

Duration: 30 minutes