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Lesson 1 - Introduction to C-V2X

In this course, we'll help you navigate cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) with a discussion on the latest advancements, testing challenges, and the future of the technology. 

Cellular vehicle-to-everything is an emerging technology with an aim to improve traffic safety and efficiency. The "super-hero of future cars," C-V2X enables vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and other parts of the traffic system, including roadside infrastructure, bicyclists, and pedestrians. C-V2X technology is changing the way we think about communication in autonomous vehicles, but with it comes new testing challenges.

Who should take Cellular V2X?

This course is designed for engineers working on C-V2X devices or anyone interested in the future of connected cars.

In this course, you will join industry experts in a candid discussion about C-V2X: the history of the technology, current testing challenges, and when to expect commercial deployments. You'll walk away with greater confidence in how to tackle the V2X testing challenges of today and the future. 

We'll cover:

  • Intro to C-V2X
  • The Origin of C-V2X
  • Are WiFi and C-V2X in Conflict?
  • Where is C-V2X today?
  • C-V2X Commercial Deployments 
  • OmniAir and C-V2X
  • National Certifications for Connected Cars
  • The Future of C-V2X
  • Introducing C-V2X Devices to Market 
  • Keysight and OmniAir C-V2X Solutions 
  • C-V2X Deployment Challenges 
  • C-V2X Testing Solution Demo 

Duration: 1 hour