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Lesson 1 - Introduction


In this course, we will discuss several of the challenges in controlling trapped ion systems, particularly related to timing and phase coherence.  Additionally, we will see how the various clocks in the system can be set up and managed to overcome these challenges and to optimize the performance of our trapped ion quantum computer.

Who should take Clocks in Trapped Ion Quantum Computing?

This course is designed for trapped ion researchers of all experience levels.
New researchers will learn about some of the challenges that they will face in the field, and more experienced researchers will find a new perspective on how these challenges can be overcome.

We'll cover:

  • How to track the phase evolution of a trapped ion qubit (qubit clock)
  • How to manage timings and synchronization throughout an experiment (experiment clock)
  • How to most efficiently implement the full electronic control system (wall clock)

Duration: 20 min