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You are engineers. So are we. We all have a fundamental need to understand how things work. We strive to find the most elegant ways to solve problems. 

Keysight University courses will advance your knowledge of digital and RF measurement approaches, the latest industry standards, compliance specs, and more. Beginners and gurus alike will discover measurement techniques, tips, and tricks that will give you better measurements and deeper signal insights.

Select a depth of study that best suits your needs and get certified across a range of topics.

  • Engineering Essentials: Learn the fundamentals of signal measurement techniques across different test equipment platforms.
  • Boot Camps: Broaden your knowledge of best practice testing against the latest standards and industry topics.
  • Masterclasses: Deep dive into a topic and hear directly from an industry expert.

Whether you are just starting out or have decades of electronics design experience, Keysight University has a course for you. Sign up now!