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Lesson 1 - Introduction - Designing with 5G Modulated Signals

What are the Figures of Merit for linearity in radio frequency (RF) functions and components?

IP3 is a well-known parameter that gauges linearity in radio frequency (RF) functions and components. But Intercept Point 3 (IP3) does not accurately characterize the signal performance dimensions on new wireless standards like 5G and has given way to a new Figure of Merit – Error Vector Magnitude (EVM). 

Who should take Designing with 5G Modulated Signals?

This course is designed for RF Circuit and System Design engineers who are interested to know the benefits of replacing IP3 in the design phase by spec compliant EVM.

We'll cover how PathWave ADS will seamlessly use Keysight-grade modulated sources to:

  • Quickly compute EVM
  • Improve your design vs. system level metrics
  • Assess improvements of PAs with embedded DPD algorithms and also generate a representative model of your circuit to be handed over to your system teams for further comprehensive architecture analyses with PathWave System Design

Duration: 40 min