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Lesson 1 - Introduction - 5G Field Testing with FieldFox


In this course, we'll cover the field tests necessary for a smooth 5G network deployment.

The fifth generation of cellular technology pushes the boundaries of the networks we know today. The unprecedented capabilities and improvements that 5G promises will require accurate field test methods for deployment. This course introduces essential field tests for 5G installation, verification, optimization, and troubleshooting using the FieldFox handheld analyzer.

Who should take Essential 5G Field Tests?

This course is designed for field test engineers or field technicians.

The field test engineer is responsible for installing antennas, ensuring network coverage, and testing quality at 5G base stations. They spend most of their time tuning newly-installed systems and investigating and troubleshooting network performance issues in the field. They are expected to provide and implement test solutions that meet network optimization standards and KPIs.

We'll cover:

  • Interference troubleshooting with RTSA
  • Channel power and adjacent channel power measurements
  • Occupied bandwidth and spectrum emissions mask measurements
  • Path loss and electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements
  • 5G NR over-the-air demodulation
  • Phased array antenna measurements

Duration: 20 min