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Lesson 1 - Introduction - Signal Integrity Issues

Introduction to Finding & Solving Signal Integrity Problems

In this course, you'll learn the four steps for finding & solving signal integrity problems in any failing high-speed digital communications channel. 

Signal integrity is all about the problems that interconnects introduce and how to avoid them. A complete, unimpaired signal is nearly impossible to produce in today's devices, but the better you are at eliminating signal integrity problems, the closer you can get to that "perfect" signal. In this course we'll look at a failing digital channel and walk through how to evaluate it for signal integrity problems using an eye diagram, tools for investigating and understanding the root cause of the failing channel, and techniques for solving the signal integrity problem.

Who should take Finding & Solving Signal Integrity Issues in High-Speed Digital Designs?

This course is designed for engineers who want to learn how to better evaluate, investigate, and solve signal integrity problems in their high-speed digital designs. 

You'll walk away with the tools and strategies to more effectively tackle signal integrity problems and achieve cleaner, more unimpaired signals. 

We'll cover:

  • Evaluating a failing channel with an eye diagram
  • Investigating a channel using time domain reflectometry & consistency tests
  • S-parameter basic
  • Verifying the signal integrity root cause
  • Techniques for opening the eye
  • Eliminating the root cause

Duration: 45 min