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Lesson 1 - Time Domain vs Frequency Domain

In this course, we'll cover the oscilloscope basics that every engineer should know.

Oscilloscopes are the essential benchtop tool for many engineers. But, as you start working with a high-speed oscilloscope, you might notice it's not working exactly as you expected. A simple misunderstanding of triggering or how the scope's waveform update rate affects your measurement can make using an oscilloscope really frustrating. You need to be able to rely on the measurements you're making, and this course will equip you with the knowledge you need. 

You'll have greater confidence in your measurements and less frustration working with your oscilloscope. 

Who should take High-Speed Oscilloscope Basics?

This course is designed for anyone who wants a more complete understanding how how their high-speed oscilloscope works and how to use it.

Whether you're an oscilloscope newbie or seasoned engineer who wants to brush up on your scope skills, this course will provide you new insight into how to best make use of your oscilloscope. You'll learn the building blocks of a scope, such as sample rate and memory depth, and how they can affect your measurements.

We'll cover:

  • Time Domain vs Frequency Domain
  • Sample Rate
  • Bandwidth
  • Oscilloscope Architecture 
  • Waveform Update Rate
  • Memory Depth
  • Triggering
  • Waveform Visualization 
  • Probe Basics

Duration: 1 hour