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Lesson 1 - The Trouble with K-Factor and the Paradox of Choice


In this course, you'll learn about stability analysis in high frequency circuit design. Stability analysis has become even more critical to modern high frequency applications in recent years because gain and  coupling cause new problems to arise that are not easy to resolve in the lab. Expert RF designer, Matt Ozalas will guide you through the high frequency amplifier design process, covering everything from basic concepts such as K-factor to more complex real-world design examples. 

Who should take How to Design a Stable High Frequency Amplifier?

RF engineers of any level can benefit from this course. You'll get a solid foundation for how to design a stable high frequency amplifier. 

We'll cover:

  • The Trouble with K-Factor and the Paradox of Choice
  • The Basics: Loop Gain, Laplace Transform, Cauchy's Principle, Nyquist Plots
  • Loop Gain Techniques: Osctest, Double Null Injection, Bilateral Model
  • Fundamentals: Return Ratio, Driving Point Impedance 
  • Modern Implementations: NDF, True Return Ratio 
  • Unifying Simulation Approaches: WS-Probe 
  • Circuit Examples: Bringing it all together 

Duration: 30 min