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Lesson 1 - How to Design an RF Power Amplifier - The Basics


In this course, veteran RF design engineer, Matt Ozalas shares his unique design methodology to provide you the building blocks for designing power amplifiers - from basic modes of operation to more complex power amplifier classes. 

As an RF engineer, learning to reconcile the disconnect between theory and practice is critical for PA design. Realizing what it takes to achieve theoretical operation can help you to pinpoint the areas where your device or circuit falls short of the ideal case. In this course, Matt covers the basic theory of operation of each class of power amplifies. And, with that knowledge, he will model ideal power amplifiers as well as more practical PA topology. 

As a bonus,  you have access to Matt's easy-to-use PA workspaces to help you save time by starting out with a solid circuit topology.

Who should take How to Design an RF Power Amplifier?

RF engineers of any level can benefit from this course. You'll get a solid foundation for how power amplifier circuits work as well as the opportunity to learn more advanced topics in the field of power amplifiers. 

We'll cover:

  • The Basics of Designing an RF Power Amplifier
  • Class A, AB, and B Power Amplifiers 
  • Class F Power Amplifiers
  • Class E Power Amplifiers
  • Class J Power Amplifiers

Duration: 1 hour