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Lesson 1 - Introduction - Integrated 3D EM-Circuit Co-Simulation

Design Trends toward higher frequencies and denser assembly

Industry trends in RF and Microwave Design are driven by consumer demand for more functionality in smaller form factors and at increasingly higher frequencies with broadband modulated RF signals. Denser integration of complex RF and Microwave components and integrated modules at higher frequencies requires circuit simulation to be integrated with 3DEM simulation to account for inevitable parasitic and coupling.

Who should take Integrated 3D EM-Circuit Co-Simulation for First Pass Design Win? 

This course is designed for RF Design engineers who are designing multi-layer RF modules and want to learn some new techniques to reduce design cycle times.

We'll cover:

  • Explore RFPro, a unique 3D EM/Circuit Co-simulation environment in ADS to enable easy access to EM analysis by RF and Microwave Circuit Designers whenever they need it during the design process.
  • Learn how RFPro is used in the design phase to help identify and fix design problems such as undesired coupling, frequency shifts, mismatch losses, and other issues.
  • See how to automate the setup of 3D EM-circuits analysis of multi-technology components without layout modification or cookie cutting. EM results are then seamlessly connected.

Duration: 50 min