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Lesson 1 - An Introduction to 5G Technology

Gain a great baseline understanding of 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, and how it applies to a variety of different industry use cases.

In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of 5G New Radio (known as NR), including topics like beamforming, carrier aggregation and bandwidth adaptation, waveforms and modulations, and more. It's a great way to get a technical understanding of 5G.

Who should take 5G New Radio (NR) Standards?

This course is designed for:

  • 5G design, design validation and test engineers at chipset manufacturers, device makers, NEMs, and MNOs
  • 5G manufacturing test engineers at chipset manufacturers, device makers, NEMs
  • 5G field engineers/technicians at NEMs and MNOs

We’ll cover:

  • A summary of 5G technology
  • NR non-standalone & standalone modes
  • Carrier aggregation & bandwidth adaptation
  • Numerology & frame structure
  • Waveforms & modulations
  • Protocol structures, layers, signals & channels
  • Beams, beamforming & beam management

Duration: 35 min