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Lesson 1 - Introduction

In this course, we'll provide a basic overview of what CyPerf is and how to deploy, configure and use it.

CyPerf allows network and applications operations teams to validate SD-WAN, CDN, SASE, Cloud and WAF deployments using realistic workloads across a variety of physical, virtual and cloud environments. This realistic simulation enables a better understanding of scale, performance and ultimately end user quality of experience.

Who should take Introduction to Keysight CyPerf?

This course is designed for potential users of CyPerf including network operations, security operations, applications teams, cloud teams and others interested in or managing cloud, virtual and hybrid infrastructure.

We'll cover:

  • Introduction to CyPerf
  • Deploying the CyPerf Controller in ESX and Cloud
  • Adding CyPerf agents
  • Configuring Licensing and running tests
  • Running application and security tests
  • Reporting and debugging

Duration: 30 minutes