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Memory Designer Tutorial


In this course, you'll learn to become fluent in PathWave ADS Memory Designer, a productive, predictive, and insightful simulation environment for memory interfaces.

With the new DDR5 standard, and new eye measurement requirements in the standard, the traditional transient SPICE simulation designed for timing analysis has become incomplete. 

If you don’t learn a more productive, predictive, and insightful way to design next-generation memory interfaces, you're going to lag behind the competition. 

Who should take Introduction to Simulating with PathWave ADS Memory Designer: A Tutorial?

This course is designed for Signal Integrity Engineers working on Memory interfaces and Memory hardware designers. 

PathWave ADS Memory Designer helps you address design challenges as part of a comprehensive workflow that is purpose-built for the latest digital memory standards like LPDDR5 and GDDR6.

We'll cover:

3D EM simulation with SIPro, setting up multi-lane memory simulation with Memory Designer, and building a preliminary memory interface virtual prototype 

Duration: 15 min