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Lesson 1 - Trends in IoT

In this masterclass, learn about real life examples of how today's engineers are using IoT in new and creative ways to advance technology and improve lives.

IoT is changing the world as we know it—each and every industry will be impacted for the better. But how? What does this look like when implemented in the real world?

This Keysight University Masterclass explores how some clever engineers have harnessed the power of the IoT to:

  • Improve image classification, object detection, and speech detection systems by reducing power consumption by >66% and increasing throughput 38%
  • Cut the processing time of a location-finding algorithm from 11.7 hours to 103 ms Overhaul deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatments for people with Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy

Who should take IoT in the Real World?

This course is designed for wireless engineers exploring new markets or looking to expand current markets via IoT.

Duration: 20 min