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Lesson 1 - Challenge of Dielectric Parameter Measurements

In this course, you’ll learn about the material performance needed for 5G and mmW automotive radar applications.

5G and mmWave automotive radar technologies demand an increased level of material performance. While designers must use dielectric material to hold or to protect signal lines, the ideal is quite literally to have nothing there at all. This ideal is bringing new material measurement challenges to the surface. In this course we will discuss these challenges of conducting dielectric parameter measurements. We’ll also compare several mmWave material solutions such as using a split cylinder resonator or a dielectric probe.

Who should take Materials Measurements for 5G and mmWave Automotive Radar?

This course is design for engineers who work in materials research, circuit design, device modeling, manufacturing, and quality control in the Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Wireless communication, and Materials research industries.

We'll cover:

  • Challenge of Dielectric Parameter Measurements
  • mmWave Material Solutions

Duration: 1 hour