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Lesson 1 - Introduction - Optimizing Speed and improving Accuracy with a DMM

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to choose your hardware setups and configurations to obtain reliable test results. 
  • Discover the features that are available in modern DMMs to improve your measurement accuracy while optimizing speed.
  • Understand how a PC DMM software application can enhance your test process productivity to help you gain insights into your measurements.

Why is it important to learn how to optimize speed and improve accuracy with your DMM?

For measurement speed, for example, in high volume manufacturing, testing throughput is very important. Often, the test times are in milliseconds. Modern products also are getting increasingly more complex, with a lot more test point coverage. In product development, test engineers need to perform thorough testing where hundreds and thousands of measurements are gathered over various conditions and environments.

For measurement accuracy, test accuracy is always a valuable asset as it can help improve your product quality and performance. If you can test more accurately, you can also in some cases provide a better-guaranteed specification of your products. In product development, test engineers need to characterize the new product and accuracy provides confidence and certainty of your product’s performance. To a test engineer who builds test systems, having an instrument that tests more accurately means, he/she can set tighter test guard bands. This means better certainty in product performance.

Who should take Optimize Speed and Improve Accuracy With Your DMM?

This course is designed for manufacturing test engineers as well as product development engineers. This course will also benefit anyone who wants to optimize test throughput while getting test results with calculated certainty on its accuracy.

We'll cover:

  • Steps to improve measurement accuracy
  • Steps to optimize measurement speed
  • Modern DMM features to improve productivity
  • PC software application to improve productivity

Duration: 1 hour