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Lesson 1 - Select the Right Probe Bandwidth


In this course, we'll explore some crucial and little-known oscilloscope probe tips and techniques.

Oscilloscope probes may seem simple, but there are many factors and specs that contribute to probe performance. Understanding these factors is critical for anyone that needs to make accurate, actionable measurements. Your probe choices affect your measurements.

This course explores oscilloscope probe techniques and points out probing pitfalls you need to avoid. After taking this course, you will have confidence that your probes are accurately and effectively sending a quality signal to your oscilloscope.

Who should take Oscilloscope Probes 201?

This course is for anyone that makes oscilloscope measurements to design, verify, and test hardware designs. Oscilloscope probe experts and neophytes alike will find tidbits of helpful information to take with them into the lab - in less than 30 minutes!

We'll cover:

  • How to choose the right oscilloscope probe bandwidth
  • Why you should check your probe's derating curve
  • Which oscilloscope probe accessories limit signal distortion
  • How to decrease measurement noise with good oscilloscope probe practices

Duration: 30 min