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Lesson 1 - Introduction - Power Supply and Electronic Load Basics

In this course, we'll cover the basics of power supplies, electronic loads and source/measure units (SMUs) to provide you with the knowledge to both select and use these instruments effectively.

Understanding the theory and operation of switching and linear power supplies (and their relative advantages and disadvantages) can help you to select the right supply for your application. In this class we’ll cover this topic in addition to other important power supply parameters such as output characteristics, modes of operation and remote (4-wire sensing). We will also cover the basics of electronic loads and their applications. Finally, we will discuss advanced solutions such as two-quadrant power supplies, source measurement units (SMUs), and regenerative power supplies. 

Who should take Power Supply and Electronic Load Basics?

This course targets the needs of anyone using or needing to use power supplies and electronic loads. After taking this course you will have a deeper theoretical understanding of power supply and electronic load operation as well as increased insights into how to use them to maximum effectiveness.

We'll cover:

  • Power Supply Fundamentals
  • Electronic Loads and Their Applications
  • Multi-Quadrant Power Supplies & SMUs

Duration: 45 min