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Lesson 1 - Introduction - Quantum Sensing


In this course, we'll give an overview of quantum sensors, looking at diamond nitrogen vacancies and quantum radar/LIDAR, and explore some example of how Keysight Test and Measurement equipment enables this emerging research field. 

Introduction to Quantum Sensors

This course is important for those who are new the research field of quantum sensing. This course offers a broad overview of applications in quantum sensing, such as magnetometry, gradiometry, PNT, and more. By the end of this course you will have learned what types of quantum sensors exist today.

Quantum Radar

Quantum radar is a proposed remote-sensing technology that uses quantum mechanical effects. A quantum radar has the potential to exploit quantum effects to outperform their classical counterparts. This lesson looks at the theory behind quantum radar and LIDAR to help bring an understanding to this emerging application. We also look at how to implement at TDC photon counter onto the FPGA of a M3102A digitizer and how this could be used for LIDAR experiments.

Diamond Nitrogen Vacancies

Diamond nitrogen vacancies have been demonstrated as key quantum sensors for applications such as electromagnetic sensing. In this course we review what DNVs are, how they are used to make a physical measurement, and discuss real world examples of how they are used.

Quantum Sensing Experiments

Quantum sensors are being researched around the world. With that come experiments that require Test and Measurement equipment for getting the job done. In this lesson we look at examples where Keysight hardware is used for researching quantum sensors.

Who should take Applications and Technologies for Quantum Sensing?

This course is designed for students interested in learning about quantum sensing technologies and applications.  This person should have some background in applied physics and electrical engineering.

We'll cover:

  • Applications and Technologies of Quantum Sensing
  • Quantum Radar, LIDAR and implementing a TDC on an FPGA of an M3102A
  • Diamond Nitrogen Vacancies
  • Keysight Test and Measurement Hardware for Quantum Sensing Research

Duration: 30 min