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Lesson 1 - Radar Basics

In this course, we'll share our knowledge of radar and the elements that impact its performance so you can learn how to adequately test electronic warfare systems.

This course provides an overview of radar concepts, fundamentals, and terminology. Learn how the mathematical derivation of the radar range equation is used to determine the maximum usable range of a radar. You also will learn the fundamentals of FMCW radars and some of the most important measurements made by radar engineers to understand their system's performance. Real-world situations rarely involve only one radar. Most often, multiple radars on land, sea, and air platforms operate simultaneously, resulting in extremely complex electromagnetic environments. You need to create realistic threat scenarios to adequately test electronic warfare systems.

Who should take Radar Basics for Electronic Warfare Systems?

This course is designed for engineers working on radar or other electronic warfare systems, who are looking to better understand and safeguard the performance of their systems.

We'll cover:

  • how radar range and resolution involve conflicting criteria
  • determining the power density at the target and the energy returned to the radar receiver
  • generating a threat scenario

Duration: 1 hour