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Lesson 1 - FieldFox Overview (Equipment Used in Course)


Learn RF electronic testing & measurement basics in under 60 minutes.

In this course, you will learn how to master the basics of RF electronic testing & measurement using the FieldFox handheld RF and microwave analyzer as a demonstrator.
Communication networks are more complex and distributed than ever before. As wireless frequency ranges increase with new technologies, complex systems require incredibly accurate measurements. Therefore, it’s vital you know how to monitor, troubleshoot, and test RF systems whether in the lab or in the field.
This course outlines the basics of RF testing. You’ll improve your RF knowledge while learning valuable tips and techniques for testing RF and microwave systems. RF Testing Basics 101 is one of the best ways to gain a solid foundation in an ever-changing testing and measurement world. Something that can benefit your career today and down the road.

Who should take RF Field Testing Basics?

This course is designed for those with electrical engineering backgrounds and interests in a wide variety of fields looking to gain a basic foundational understanding of RF test and measurement.
The knowledge taught in this course can be applied in a near-limitless number of ways, including 5G, IoT, and machine learning (ML) markets.

We’ll cover:

  • Distance-to-fault measurement (via FieldFox)
  • Network analysis and S-parameters
  • Smith charts and calibration
  • Signal analysis
  • Real-time spectrum analysis and finding quick signals
  • Pulse analysis and time domain
  • Channel scanning
  • Field testing and signal hunting
  • Extended Range Transmission Analysis (ERTA)

Duration: 1 hour