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Lesson 1 - Introduction

In this course, we'll explore why flat-panel antennas will become the dominant technology for lower-earth-orbit satellite communications.

Rapidly evolving satellite technologies call for developments throughout the system. For antennas, the result is a move to flat panel approaches. This course delves into electronically steerable flat-panel antennas or the active electronically scanned array (AESA), how these antennas work, and their role in satellite communications. The course also covers the implications for the manufacturing and testing of wideband antennas in the Ka-, Ku-, and Q/V-bands at industrial levels.

Who should take SatCom Advances with Flat Pannel Antennas?

This course is designed for engineers focused on space and satellite communications systems.

We'll cover:

  • the need for steerable antennas for space and satellite communications
  • different approaches to system simulation
  • how simulations are being emphasized over hardware

Duration: 25 min