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Lesson 1 - What is Semiconductor Parametric Test?


In this course, we'll cover the basics of current and voltage measurement for semiconductor parametric test. The specialized source/measurement unit (SMU) capabilities necessary to perform semiconductor parametric test are explained, and tips and tricks to help with low-level measurements are also covered.  Finally, there is an overview of available SMU solutions as well as resources with additional information. 

Who should take Semiconductor Parametric Characterization Basic Training - Part 1?

This course is designed for engineers and technicians who want a solid understanding of how to make reliable semiconductor parametric test current-voltage measurements.  Although the course is focused on the basics, even engineers already familiar with parametric test will learn additional concepts, methodologies and best practices. 

We'll cover:

  • What is Semiconductor Parametric Test?
  • Measurement Basics
  • Source/Measure Units (SMUs) for Parametric Test
  • Tips for Making Accurate Low-Level Measurements
  • SMU Portfolio
  • Summary and Additional Resources

Duration: 50 minutes