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Lesson 1 - Capacitance in Semiconductor Devices


In this course, we will cover the basics of capacitance measurement for semiconductor parametric test. We will explain the different types of capacitance measurement (quasi-static CV and high-frequency CV) and show what types of device parameters they can reveal. We will spend a lot of time covering practical capacitance measurement issues and how to avoid common mistakes. Finally, we will discuss the components necessary to create a complete CV/IV measurement solution and guide students to resources to get additional information.

Who should take Semiconductor Parametric Characterization Basic Training – Part 2?

Engineers and technicians who want to get a solid understanding of how to make reliable semiconductor parametric test capacitance measurements would benefit from taking this course. Although the course does not assume any previous experience with making semiconductor capacitance measurements, even engineers already familiar with this topic will probably learn some new things from taking this course.

We'll cover:

  • Capacitance in Semiconductor Devices
  • Capacitance Measurement Methods
  • Quasi-Static Capacitance Measurement
  • High-Frequency Capacitance Measurement
  • Components Required to Create a Total CV-IV Measurement Solution
  • Summary and Additional Resources

Duration: 45 minutes