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Lesson 1 - Overview of Signal Analyzer Used in Course


Learn the basics of spectrum analyzers, including what they measure and the problems they solve.

This course covers when and how to use different applications and capabilities of signal/spectrum analyzers to make various RF measurements.

You’ll gain familiarity with features that will help you save time in your measurement, further your analysis, and deepen your insight.

From learning the difference between time and frequency domains to learning how to Increase your signals dynamic range, this course is a great foundation in spectrum analysis.

Who should take Spectrum Analyzer Basics?

This course is designed for engineers working with wireless device manufacturers, base station manufacturers, automotive applications, and aerospace and defense/spectrum monitoring (including satellite and radar applications).

We’ll cover:

  • What is a spectrum analyzer and what measurements can you make
  • Time domain vs. frequency domain—what’s the difference?
  • What is spectrum and spurious emissions
  • How to increase your signal analyzer's dynamic range to see low level signals
  • What is noise figure and how to measure it

Duration: 45 min