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Lesson 3 - Review of Keysight Newspace Solutions

In this course, we'll delve into how satellite advancements increasingly enable new capabilities, insights, and experiences.

The last five years has seen rapid evolution in the space and satellite industry, paving the way toward new experiences in space while revolutionizing cellular, automotive, and other applications. Emerging trends continue to impact this industry as technology evolves in the new “space race.” From a short overview of some of the monumental achievements that spawned space exploration, this course delves into new techniques and trends driving the next phase of space development – and how commercial and defense systems could experience interference as a result.

Who should take The New Space Frontier?

This course is designed for engineers working on satellite designs and applications from LEO through GEO.

We'll cover:

  • LEO satellites in mesh networks
  • Use of optical crosslinks
  • Details on software-defined satellites

Duration: 25 min