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Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Automation

What approaches exist for test automation?

With so many solutions, partners and information available for testing software, it's easy to get overwhelmed and hard to find time to do the research.  And how are you even going to sell this concept to your stakeholders anyway?  But your IT budget keeps shrinking and you're expected to do more with less while maintaining a near perfect customer experience. In this course, we'll explore in-depth automation approaches that exist today and mistakes and approaches to avoid when implementing testing automation.  

We will walk through approaches that exist for test automation and the most important information you need to know to understand and evaluate the different approaches."

We'll cover:

  • Getting Started with Automation 
  • Trends in Software Testing 
  • Implementing Automation - What to Avoid 
  • Terminology You Need to Know

Duration: 35 min