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Lesson 1 - Standard USB4 Test Setups and Gotcha #1: Link Training

Sit down 1:1 with USB expert Jit Lim as he lays out the ins and outs of USB4 compliance and testing.

The recent specification release of USB4 adds significant complexity by doubling the bit rate of USB 3.2. As faster signals get sent through more Type-C wires with USB 3.2 and USB4, new measurement techniques are required to test retimers, active cables, and comprehend crosstalk.

Meeting USB-IF's standards is a must for all USB4 products.

Who should take USB 4.0 Compliance and Testing?

This course is designed for engineers and digital designers needing USB-certified products.

We'll cover:

  • Standard USB and USB4 Test Setups
  • Link Training (and why you might not need it)
  • USB4 Testing is Different than USB 3.2 Testing
  • USB4 Controllers
  • How Much Testing is Actually Required for USB4
  • USB4 Receiver Testing
  • The "Calibration Cocktail"
  • Short Channel Use Cases
  • Long Channel Use Cases

Duration: 30 min