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Lesson 1 - Introduction - Wireless Regulatory Compliance


In this course, we'll learn about what regulatory compliance is, why we need regulation, the roadblocks to global market access, and the tips that can help you overcome the challenges in regulatory compliance tests. This course gives you an in-depth understanding of the complex landscape of the global regulatory and how you can keep your product release schedule and maximize test asset utilization while keeping pace with regulatory standards.

Who should take Wireless Regulatory Compliance 101?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand IoT device regulatory compliance tests —chief engineers or lab managers at independent test labs, or test managers at in-house pre-compliance test labs. You will leave this course with a better understanding of what it takes in order to overcome the challenges in regulatory compliance tests.

We'll cover:

  • Understanding spectrum uses
  • What is wireless regulatory compliance and why regulation is necessary?
  • Keeping pace with regulatory standards
  • Modern trends in wireless regulatory compliance test
  • Complex challenges using new bands
  • Roadblocks to global market access
  • Tips to break the regulatory test barrier and your recipe for success

Course duration: 30 minutes